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Treatable areas

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    • Correcting frown lines with Botox® (relaxing glabellar muscle) transforms a face from angry to happy looking.
      Reducing forehead lines with Botox® (relaxing frontalis muscle) takes years off a face, as with this early 40’s male personal trainer
    • Softening Wrinkles

      Fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead occur when overexpressive muscles beneath the dermis contract, creasing the already thinning skin above them. Forehead lines and wrinkles which appear when your eyebrows are raised can be smoothened with wrinkle reduction injections. These injections are placed directly into the muscle of the forehead, so that its movement is slightly inhibited and therefore prohibits it from creasing the surface skin.

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    • This males brows were lifted using Botox® toxin improving his heavy upper eyelids for a rejuvenated more youthful look.
      Botox® may be used to raise the eyebrow (relaxing orbicularis oculi muscle) lifting heavy upper eyelids and creating a more attractive shape.
    • Frown Lines & Brow Lift

      Wrinkle reduction injections are capable of treating the eyebrows in two very different ways, the first being to inhibit frown lines: the botulinum is injected in this case directly into the muscles between the eyebrows in order to smoothen overexpressive frown lines. The second is the nonsurgical eyebrow lift, which involves small injections beneath the eyebrow to create an arch or lift a perpetually drooping or fallen eyebrow. It does this by inhibiting the contraction of the muscles beneath the eyebrows, lifting them subtly yet effectively.

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    • Male early 50’s crows feet lines Botox® before and after images.
      Correcting crows feet lines with Botox® (relaxing orbicularis oculi muscle) softens and improves lines around the eye.
    • Crow’s Feet

      A very popular treatment area for wrinkle reduction injections is the eyes, or more specifically the crow’s feet. These are lines which appear at the corner of the eyes when you smile. While these laughter lines may express happiness, some feel that they prematurely age them. By using wrinkle reduction injections in the target area, we can still ensure the range of motion to smile and express yourself, without creasing the skin as acutely.

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    • Down turned smiles age and make the face look angry. Botox® relaxes the muscles ( DAO ) to lift the lip corners. Only small volumes of Botox are required.
      Botox® can be used to lower lips to improve the appearance of gummy smiles (relaxing the muscles that elevate the lip) as with this male patient.
    • Gummy Smile & Lip Lift

      Wrinkle reduction injections are not just for reducing visible fine lines, but they can also stop the animated contraction of other muscles which may be altering your appearance. Wrinkle reduction treatment can be used to treat a gummy smile, where the muscles in the upper lip pull it too far up your teeth when smiling. Injecting the botulinum in this area helps to lessen this pull, restraining your smile from showing as much of your gums as before. It can also be used to uplift downturned smiles caused by contracteing muscles in the mouth corners pulling the lips downwards.

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    • Chin dimpling can be resolved with Botox® (relaxing Mentalis muscle).
      Wide jaw angles masculine a jaw. Botox® can be used to slim the face (relaxing the Massetter muscle) for a more feminine appearance.
    • Chin Dimpling & Jaw Slimming

      A dimpled chin may be treated with wrinkle reduction injections, as the botulinum can be directly injected into the chin’s contracted muscles. These muscles then soften over the period of a few weeks, resulting in less chin dimpling and a smoother skin appearance. They can also be used to achieve effective jaw slimming by injecting in the masseter muscle, causing it to weaken and contract less to shrink the appearance of your jaw. This treatment achieves a more feminine, v-shaped facial structure.

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    • Botox® neck lifts (Nefertiti lift) relax and smooth neck (platysma) bands and contour jaw lines.
      Men are more often bothered about fat under the chin, which is non-surgically treated by dissolving fat using an injection agent called Aqualyx – go to the skin treatment page for more information.
    • The Nefertiti Lift

      We also use wrinkle reduction injections to slim the neck in a treatment commonly referred to as the Nefertiti lift. Injections are performed into the platysma muscles in the lower jaw and neck, which typically serve to pull the jaw muscles downward. These result in a noticeable tightening, smoothing, and lifting effect on the neck since the platysma muscles will have a reduced downward pull.

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    • Hyperhidrosis & Migraines

      The botulinum used in wrinkle reduction treatments has many medical indications as well, which is what makes it such a versatile treatment. We offer the option of taking control of localised hyperhidrosis (i.e. excessive sweating) and migraines. In case of excessive sweating we inject the substance into the skin over the target area to lessen the amount of sweat produced in that area. Controlling migraines involves a series of injections at the base of the head and neck. These treatments are very liberating for those looking for an answer for these conditions.

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Wrinkle Reduction & Botulinum Treatments at Rejuvedoc

As qualified medical professionals, the team at Rejuvedoc use botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles, relax muscles, and perform medical treatments such as managing excessive sweating and reducing migraines. Placing small amounts of this substance in the targeted muscle fibers inhibits them from contracting, lessening the amount of fine lines produced on the skin’s surface. We are also able to help bringing migraines and hyperhidrosis under a more manageable level.


Our ethos

We take a patient-centered approach to our wrinkle reduction treatments and will ensure you understand your treatment plan.


Given the need for repeat treatments we have created membership packages to make ongoing treatments cost-effective and affordable.


Dr Gorman and Dr Shahsavari are both esteemed medical professionals with vast medical and aesthetic experience, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality of care.


Find the answers to your questions about wrinkle reduction with Rejuvedoc. If you would like to find out more, simply contact the clinic for further information or to arrange your initial consultation.

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What our clients say

“Just had my first Botox treatment by Amy. My treatment plan was explained thoroughly and Amy went through the procedure step by step and answered all my questions which put me at ease. Very professional service which I would definitely recommend and can’t wait to see the results.”


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