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Treatable areas

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    • RnB singer who had her cheeks, nose, lips and jawline subtly re-sculpted for a more feminine and attractive transformation.
      A lady who had correction of challenging jowl area alongside cheeks and nose. These cases require larger volumes of filler to correct.
      A male who had a combination of full face dermal filler (tear trough, cheeks, nose and jawline) alongside an upper bleph and thread face lift taking 10 years off his appearance.
      A Spanish lady who travelled over to have full face filler (cheeks, nose, lips and jawline) alongside and upper bleph for a complete transformation.
    • Profile Balancing

      The process of ageing naturally leads us to lose skin elasticity, fat deposits, and bone in our face, leading to the appearance of sagging and loose skin. Loss of volume in both skin compounds and fat deposits leads to thinning skin, and the lessened bone composition leads to diminished facial structure. By placing dermal filler in key areas of the face, we can perform full facial rejuvenation according to your individual target areas and facial anatomy. Full face treatment using precision-placed dermal filler can successfully lift your cheeks, jawline, and key areas of concern to rejuvenate your full face.

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    • A gentleman with marked tear troughs (‘V’ deformity) and grooving in the lateral lower eyelid area corrected for a less tired, and more attractive appearance.
      Before image of lady who had marked tear troughs and heavy upper eyelids (corrected with upper blepharoplasty).
      Great result in a lady in her late 30’s who complained that her lower eyelid grooving was making her look prematurely tired and aged.
      C omplete correction of lo wer eyelid s (alongside nasolabial lines) with dermal filler.
    • Tear Trough

      Tear troughs are a notoriously difficult area to treat, but at Rejuvedoc we have perfected their correction. Gravity and tissue stretch lead to sunken areas and bulging fat bags beneath the eye. This can happen a younger age due to lifestyle or unlucky genetics. Combining our deeper understanding of the lower eye anatomy, we use blunt ended cannula to avoid bruising and serious complications. Treat troughs are often combined with cheek treatments. This treatment helps the eyes to appear brighter, more awake, and younger-looking.

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    • Male whose droopy tip was raised for a more masculine attractive look. In men you aim for a nose tip angle of 90 degrees.
      Colombian lady who travelled over to correct a down turned nose. In women an upturned nose gives a feminine appearance.
      Ladies significant dorsal hump straightened and tip raised slightly.
      This classical hook nose with downturned nose tip has been transformed; rais ing t he tip to a more attractive angle , whilst straightening a significant dorsal hump.
    • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

      There’s a certain magic to reshaping a nose with dermal filler. At Rejuvedoc we can raise droopy tips, smooth humps, and correct asymmetry. Dermal fillers for the nose, or the non-surgical rhinoplasty, have become a very popular treatment for those who do not want to or are not ready to commit to surgery. Despite taking less than 30 minutes and having next to no down time, filler rhinoplasty can have serious complications A precise understating of the of anatomy is key, and filler rhinoplasty should only be undertaken by experts like Dr Gorman and Dr Shahsavari.

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    • Former Miss Jamaica came in to Rejuvedoc to add contour and shape to her cheek (alongside chin).
      Here a celebrity make - up vlogger came to see us for cheek reshaping, which helped improve her jowl area at the same time (again alongside chin reshaping).
      Here we restored volume and shape to this gentlemen’s cheek, for a more masculine attractive appearance.
      This lady in her 30’s required contour not volume, and this was achieved with a cannula technique, for more refined cheek bones.
    • Mid-Face Rejuvenation

      Sagging cheeks age the face and lead to nasolabial grooves and accentuates jowls. Restoring volume to the cheeks therefore tightens jawlines and improves lines around the mouth. Cheeks may also be contoured for more pronounced cheekbones and mid-face rejuvenation. At Rejuvedoc we use cannula to precisely carve cheeks to suit different face shapes, and tailor to individually desired looks. Cheeks are often combined with tear troughs to create a smooth contour from mid-face to lower eyelids.

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    • Lady who wanted a more subtle, natural looking change to thin lips.
      Younger patient who already had nice lips, but wanted to improve the shape (especially at cupids bow) for a more sensual look.
      A woman in her early 50’s who had always had thin lips. We improved the volume, shape, and corrected the down turned mouth corners.
      This lady did not have thin lips, but wanted a more ‘glam’ look. We increased volume, whilst maintaining a nice shape.
    • Structure & Definiton

      Lip filler is a very popular treatment. At Rejuvedoc we use a combination of cannula and needle to minimise pain and bruising, and to reliably shape lips tailored to your desired results. Achieve more glamorous lips and a fuller pout by adding volume and definition, enhance your lip borders and cupid’s bow for better lip structure, or subtly treat thinning and ageing lips for a rejuvenated but not altered appearance. We use Revolax dermal filler as it migrates less than other fillers, providing more reliable and high-quality results.

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    • This lady had prominent NL lines corrected whilst having her chin and other areas re-shaped.
      This Spanish lady's front cheeks and NL area dominated her face. This was corrected with large volumes of filler to both the NL crease directly, but also the lower and lateral cheek areas.
      This lady's mouth lines and down turns mouth corners were corrected with filler, at the same time as reshaping her chin for a much more attractive look.
      This patient in her early 30’s was experiencing premature lower face ageing due to her NL and M lines.
    • Peri-Oral Lines

      Soft tissue lines around the mouth, such as nose-to-mouth lines and mouth-to-chin lines, prematurely age the face and create a more tired appearance. These lines may be genetic or form naturally due to sagging cheeks and loss of skin collagen as you age. Dermal filler can be injected directly into the folds, or higher up in cheeks to help stretch sagging skin. Vertical lip lines and down turned mouth corners can also be improved for a more youthful-looking and refreshed mouth area.

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    • Here we corrected a challenging jawline (significant jowl) and weak chin, to create a beautiful transformation.
      Even in heavier faces, with the right technique jawlines and chins can be re-sculpted with filler only.
      An upward turned face equates to beauty. By combining chin with nose and lip reshaping, this ladies face transforms.
      Jawlines can be sharpened, lengthened and changed to individuals exact desire.
    • Facial Sculpting

      Reshaping chins and jawlines can dramatically change your appearance. Jowls can be tightened, jawlines sharpened, and weak chins augmented. Other features can also be balance through this balance, for example adding sculpt and definition to the chin to change the perspective of a long nose. A more masculine or feminine appearance can also be achieved with the careful placement of dermal filler.

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    • The grooves between tendons and veins were smoothed here with Radiesse filler.
      Volume loss in the temple area was corrected achieving both a more attractive look, whilst also lifting the brow and lower face areas.
    • Hands & Temples

      Hands – As advanced injectors, we’re very happy to be able to provide dermal fillers for the hands. The skin on ageing hands can become thin and loose through the natural ageing process and sun damage, showing through the veins and bones beneath the surface. With carefully placed dermal filler, the skin on the hands can be improved with added structure and volume.

      Temples – As we age all body tissue, thins and loses volume giving areas of the face a sallow or sunken appearance. Hollow temples have knock on effect making cheekbones and eye areas also appear sunken or tired. Placing dermal fillers in the temples is an advanced technique that restores structure and volume to an area of thinning and falling skin, helping your upper-middle face to appear less sunken and more awake.

      Dermal filler in the temples requires precision placement, and it is very effective at rebalancing volume loss in an ageing face.

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Dermal Fillers at Rejuvedoc

Here at Rejuvedoc, we are face shaping specialists and believe in natural-looking individually tailored results. As plastic and ENT surgeons, we understand facial anatomy at a deeper level, and can successfully reshape areas such as the nose, jawline, and cheeks to enhance your natural beauty. We understand the need for results that improve your appearance and confidence but that aren’t immediately noticeable, allowing you to enjoy your dermal filler results without them being detectable.

Our ethos

We use Revolax dermal fillers because of their safe compatibility with your skin, natural look and feel, and treatment results.


To help with the affordability of our high-quality dermal filler treatments, we have introduced our annual membership packages.


There is an art to master with dermal filler face-reshaping. As an ambassador for Revolax, and lead trainers for Fox Pharma and Dermamedical, you know you’re in expert hands with Dr Gorman and Shahsavari.


Find the answers to your questions about Revolax dermal fillers with Rejuvedoc. If you would like to find out more, simply contact the clinic for further information or to arrange your initial consultation.

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What our clients say

“Wow, I am also delighted with the results of my lips and also nasal filler, never had it before so was a little nervous, well Mark and the team made me feel totally at ease. The procedure its self was not at all painful, and the results were instant, thank you guys ur amazing”


*Individual results may vary.