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Non surgical Membership (annual packages)

To make treatments more affordable & better value, RD Annual membership packages are tailored to your individual dermal filler, botulinum (Botox), and skin treatment requirements. Additional bolt on packages are available for bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT), and other treatments.

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RD Membership explained

Find the answers to your questions about BHRT with Rejuvedoc. If you would like to find out anymore information simply contact the clinic for further information or to arrange your initial consultation.

Treatments Price list

It is a necessity to ensure our prices are transparent as possible. We pride ourselves on offering the most innovative treatments with the focus on ensuring you are satisfied with each result.

At Rejuvedoc, we understand each patient’s needs are unique, which is why we ask to see you face to face deciding on a treatment at your consultation. In this way we can then determine the best course of action and design you the best possible plan catered to your needs. Feel free to view our pricing below to get an understanding on our pricing for each treatment.

  • Consultations £50 (to secure time slot) refundable on treatment.
  • Prices may vary based upon geographical location (for example our Dundee Clinic costs are ~20% less)
  • Best way to manage the cost of treatment is to take advantage of the RD membership packages.
Dermal Filler
Full face rejuvenation / transformation
from £1500
Tear trough
from £300
Each subsequent ml
Anti-wrinkle / botulinum
1 or small area
Browlift, gummy smile, down turned mouth corner
3 areas
from £300
Masseter / jawline slimming
Neck-lift / bands (platysma)
Anti-sweating (hyperhidrosis)
Skin treatments
Thread Face Lift
from £950
Neogen plasma skin treatment
£400 per area
Plasma pen skin treatment tightening
from £250 per area
Skin creams & peels
Please enquire
Fat dissolving injections
Please enquire
Plastic Surgery
In house referral
Saxenda weight loss injections (skinny pen)
1 pen
including initial health screen, nutritional plan & 20 needles
2 pens
same + 40 needles
5 pens
100 needles
100 needles
individually £30
Health & Hormones
  • Initial testing and consultation £450*2, reduced to £225 packages (Premium or Basic).
  • Receive test results either at clinic or over the phone, discuss treatment plan and prescription for BHRT or TRT.

Prescriptions are paid for by you to the specialist pharmacy directly.

Additional follow up appointments are recommended at 3 months, 6 months and these can be carried out over the phone or in person lasting 30 mins, cost £100*2.

*2= does not include testing kit (blood, saliva or urine) supplied at cost; £175 (sent to lab in the USA)

Initial Package price BHRT
from £25p/month
see package deals
BHRT package including testing
Annual Package Initial consultation Testing Cost per month Extra costs
RD Premium BHRT £225 Includes test kits £45 per month Cost of BHRT cream only
RD Basic £225 Test kit not include £45 per month Test kits (£150-175 x1 per year minimum, 2 ideally)
NON MEMBERS £450 n/a n/a Initial £450 + cost test kit, re-test cost £100

*Individual results may vary.