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15th August 2019

Interview with Dr.Mark Gorman on Life in London and being an Ambassador for International renowned Cosmetics Company Revolax

‘My name’s Mark Gorman. I’m a plastic surgeon and a non-surgical doctor. My practice is here at Waymouth Street, just near Harley Street. I played pro sport until I was about 22, then went to med school and originally wanted to do psychiatry. But interestingly then changed, went into surgery, came across plastic surgery and that became my love. A great thing about Berlin is that it offers everything whatever you want, whether it’s top-end theater, sport, creativity, art, for me, plastic surgery, it’s a great place to be.

The great thing about non-surgical work is that you get to instantly reshape somebody’s face in a matter of minutes. You can set someone who’s had a hook nose, it’s bothered their whole life, someone who’s never had a chin before and bring it forward and you know, you get people who will look in the mirror and cry and that’s a pretty good thing to be able to do with very low risk. You want to feel it, it feels natural, it feels like the tissues around it. And the three different fillers that Revolax offer, the Sub-Q, Deep and Fine, much different tissue consistencies really nicely.

I think as I move forward and my client base changes and celebrities come and I’m treating one of those, you want something that’s completely reliable, and I think that’s why Revolax excites me.’

*Individual results may vary.