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    • Abdominoplasty

      More commonly known as the ‘tummy tuck’ and one of the most talked about procedures due to the aesthetic advantages it has, abdominoplasty can also help if your abdominal muscles and skin have become weak and loose as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or the natural aging process.

      Both men and women look towards the tummy tuck surgery option as a way to create the body they always wanted.

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    • Liposuction

      Many people have areas of fat on their body that simply cannot to be shifted by any amount of weight loss or exercise. Liposuction removes fat tissue from the body, common areas are the abdomen, buttocks and thighs by using a specially designed pump or vacuum to break up fat cells beneath the surface of the skin and essentially ‘suck’ them out. Although Liposuction helps break fat cells, it is not intended as a surgery to help with weight loss.

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    • Brazilian Butt Lift

      A Brazilian Butt lift is designed to modify the appearance of the buttock’s region through a transfer of fat from another part of the body to provide the buttocks with better volume and reshaping by giving it a volume lift.

      As tempting as it sounds having this procedure done abroad due to it being a financially cheaper option, it is vital to understand the risks that come with having this procedure done abroad as opposed to having it in the UK. At Rejuvedoc, you’ll be consulted on the risks associated with procedures performed under general anaesthesia.

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Body Contouring Surgery Referral at Rejuvedoc

We refer to surgeons who specialise in body contouring treatments and have years of experience in plastic surgery at an extensive level. With plenty of body contouring treatments on offer, it’s easy to become confused about what each treatment does and what would be suited to you. Get in touch and we can guide you through the process of getting the treatment that is right for you.


Our ethos

With the options available to you, it may become a little overwhelming and confusing. During your consultation you’ll be briefed and given the right knowledge to begin your body contouring journey.


With years of experience on our side throughout the Rejuvedoc team, rest assured that each surgical procedure is done with the correct precision and attention to detail to ensure maximum results.


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Find the answers to your questions about body contouring with Rejuvedoc. If you would like to find out more, simply contact the clinic for further information or to arrange your initial consultation.

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